HERE [ THE STORY SLEEPS ] is a live, dynamic deconstruction of HERE [ THE FEATURE FILM ].  A multi-screen, hybrid film-concert that explores the dreamlife of cinematic narrative, HERE [ THE STORY SLEEPS ] functions on several formal, narrative and conceptual levels at once, transcending all manner of media and audience borderlines.

A continuing series of live events produced in association with Pomegranate Arts, HERE [ THE STORY SLEEPS ] represents an evolving collaboration between filmmaker Braden King, composer Michael Krassner, the Boxhead Ensemble, projection designer Deborah Johnson and programmer Brian Chasalow.  An early iteration, THE STORY IS STILL ASLEEP, premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival while HERE [ THE FEATURE FILM ] was still in development.  The project officially premiered as the sold-out opening night event of the 2010 Creative Capital exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

The piece was further developed during a residency and performance at Mass MoCA in June, 2010; it continues to tour internationally.  HERE [ THE STORY SLEEPS ] was most recently mounted at the 2011 Houston Cinema Arts Festival along with a retrospective of director Braden King’s film and installation work.