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Ava Berkofsky

Director / Cinematographer

Ava Berkofsky is a cinematographer based in New York City. Her work has screened at numerous film festivals, including Sundance and the Human Rights Watch festival; art venues such as the Whitney Biennial; and on numerous TV networks, including PBS.

Informed by a foundation in documentary photography and filmmaking, Ava’s projects include work in and about women’s prisons in the south, correctional officers in the north, and funeral homes in New York City. Of primary concern in all of her work is the question of how social justice issues affect our deepest sense of ourselves as individuals and our relationships to our communities.

Recent projects include FLOOD TIDE, a feature-length narrative / documentary hybrid currently in post-production. The film is a “road” movie shot on a river, onboard a fleet of boats built entirely out of salvaged materials. [ POSTCARDS FROM ] HERE, also a non-traditional road movie, is comprised of a series of short, lyrical video pieces as well as a feature film.¬†POSTCARDS looks at contemporary life in Armenia from the distinct perspective of a wanderer (and outsider) and is part of director Braden King’s multi-platform motion-picture project, HERE.

Originally from London, Ava spent many of her formative years in California. She studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as well as at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where she earned her B.F.A. as a Silias H. Rhodes Merit Scholar. Ava has been awarded grants from the Brian Weil Memorial Society, the Puffin Foundation and the Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media, among others, and has given artist talks at venues including Barnard College, Smith College, Sofia College in Mumbai and Antioch College.

Ruthie Doyle

Associate Producer

Ruthie Doyle is a filmmaker and social justice activist based in Los Angeles.¬† Past projects have appeared on national television and numerous online outlets including MTV, Vice and Bust magazine; in New York art spaces, including Monkey Town, Brooklyn Fireproof and Glasslands Gallery; and in the the Arnhem Fashion Biennial and The Museum of Modern Art. Works she’s assisted on have also appeared in the Whitney Biennial and The Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier section.

Bridging her experience in international social justice activism and art-making, Ruthie Doyle crafts films and interactive video installations based in lived experience. Often lyrical and impressionistic (and occasionally autobiographical), her work makes a non-literal exploration of issues that surround family, memory, identity, gender and sexuality. Looking at contemporary life in Armenia from the distinct perspective of a wanderer (and outsider), Ruthie continues her interest in impressionistic documentary in her collaboration on [ POSTCARDS FROM ] HERE.

Ruthie has lived in various locations overseas, calling New York her home base for the last decade before recently moving to Los Angeles. She earned her BA from Sarah Lawrence College, taking time to study black and white photography at Studio Marangoni in Florence, Italy. Ruthie later attended the Interactive Telecommunications master’s program within NYU Tisch School of the Arts’s Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television. She is currently attending CalArts in pursuit of an MFA.