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HERE contains a series of brief interludes: fictional tales of mythical explorers who map the land in fantastic ways. One imagines the land to be a vast sea and designs ships that might sail upon it. Another devises a navigational method using the clouds instead of the stars. A third creates maps that are actual-size. And so on.

These interludes are the story’s dreams.

They have been illustrated in collaboration with a number of avant-garde filmmakers – explorers themselves – who were sent to a series of extraordinary landscapes around the world to “map” them, using their own idiosyncratic methods.  HERE’s explorers included Paul Clipson, Barbara Meter, Julie Murray, Ben Rivers, Daichi Saito, and Gariné Torossian. The Storyteller’s voice belongs to Peter Coyote. Bill Morrison, Naomi Uman, Guy Sherman and Peter Mettler also collaborated at various points along the way and on other platforms of the project, beyond the feature film.

Stills in header (L – R): O, Julie Murray; Hardwood Process, David Gatten; I Said Yes, Phil Solomon; Greece, to Me, Barbara Meter.
These films were contributions to Boxhead Ensemble’s Stories, Maps and Notes from the Half-Light tour.