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Shot entirely on location throughout Armenia and the diplomatically undefined Nagorno-Karabagh region, [ POSTCARDS FROM ] HERE reflects the sensory experience of road travel itself, and the wonder that comes from being an outsider.

Conceived as a series of impressionistic vignettes documenting the travel, experiences, landscapes and moods encountered during the production of HERE [ THE FILM ], [ POSTCARDS FROM ] HERE may be evolving into a standalone documentary feature film focused on the ex-Soviet republic of Armenia an entity, both imagined and historical.

[ POSTCARDS FROM ] HERE presents meditative (and, at times, surreal) imagery that eveals Armenia’s history, traditions and contemporary life in an experiential fashion as seen by outsider eyes. Its imagery is interwoven with first-person narratives gathered in different regions of the country. Like a memory or dream, [ POSTCARDS FROM ] HERE is an exploration of a unique geographic and temporal place, creating a rich portrait of Armenia and its people as seen through the lens of an intense creative journey – the trip undertaken to produce HERE [ THE FILM ].

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Postcards from HERE: 01

Postcards from HERE: 02

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